3 Ways To Survive In NYSC Camp

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1. Don’t Ever Make Direct Eye Contact with a soldier  

even when it is almost unfathomable that you can avoid doing so, could potentially lead to situations that may end in you feeling very, very humiliated and punished. Never do this unless directly ordered to do so, and even then it is safer to wait to be told twice, just to be sure. Your job is to stare straight ahead, nowhere else.

2. Left is Left and Right is Right

This rule applies to hands, feet, turning while marching, sides of a pack, boots you name it. If you are told to pick up something with your left hand and you pick it up with your right hand, you are wrong and are going to draw attention to yourself. If you are a squad leader and you lead the entire platoon right when the command was left, ohhhh boy you are going to feel great after 500 pushups at 0300.

3.  “Yes Sir, No Sir, Aye Sir”
Now, o

Corps finest pieces of property, you will be required to start and end every piece of language that exits your nasty little mouth with “Sir” (or “Ma’a m” if referring to a female). More often than not, the only conversational elements that will reside in between Sir or Ma’am will be “Yes” or “No.” It is not often that any other information will be required from you. When told an order, the proper response is “Aye (Sir or Ma’am).”


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